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Our Director is a qualified solicitor (MARN 1577017) as well as a QEAC Certified Education Counsellor.

She and her legal team have superior knowledge of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), which allows them to devise strategic educational and migration pathways for clients.

We optimize student success by truly taking the time to understand their goals and objectives and then connecting them with Education Providers with superior standing and innovative course offerings in light of their areas of interest

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Benefits of Engaging an Education Agent

Given our stellar reputation and expertise in immigration law, our involvement in the university/college admissions process lends credibility and strength to any prospective Student’s application. Our qualified Education Agents and Migration Lawyer (MARN 1577017) will assume a case management function and can assist with all stages of the process.

University Guidance

We assist you with choosing the best University and program for your future, and answer any questions you have regarding admission.

Stress-free Application

We work with you to reduce the timeframes between application and issue of the Confirmation of Enrolment.

Application Mentorship

You will have direct access to our immigration agents who will be able to assist with all aspects of your application and with verifying your supporting documentation both for admission as well as the Student Visa process.

Student Visa Process

On receipt of your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) we help you comply with the formal requirements of applying for a student visa.

Immigration Support

If you require further assistance with anything else, including assistance with travel, accommodation and pre-departure arrangements we're happy to help!

Contact us today to determine your pathway to studying at a world-class Australian Higher Education Provider to help achieve your dream career.

Why Australia?

Australia has been listed as the third most popular destination in the English-speaking world for international students to study, due to the impressive reputation of our education system.

In Australia you will experience friendly locals, a relaxed lifestyle, cultural diversity, opportunities for professional development in your area of interest and world class quality of education.

For those interested in technology, Australia is renowned for having impressive resources- sitting at the forefront of scientific research, new technologies and innovation.

In Australia, international students also have the ability to work for 20 hours a week while studying¬¬. This could be valuable to assist with living costs or allow you to obtain work experience in your area of interest while you study.

Studying in Brisbane

Australia's second largest state Queensland is known as the sunshine state for its warm climate, golden beaches, relaxed lifestyle and friendly locals. The capital city, Brisbane, is also easily accessible to the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, which each have world renowned beaches. There also is a wide range of shopping, dining, nightlife and entertainment options in Brisbane depending on your interests, including Australia's only inner-city beach.

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